Facial Rigger

  • Method - Film & Episodic
  • Melbourne, Australia

Facial Rigger

Job description

Method Studios’ film and episodic teams are integrating with Framestore as part of an exciting plan to offer innovative, best-in-class visual effects animation from four continents. Method’s Montreal, Melbourne and Vancouver studios are in the process of being integrated with Framestore. 

Framestore Melbourne is looking for a talented Facial Rigger! This is a hands on role, responsible for creating and maintaining highly effective and efficient facial rigs for high end visual effects projects. The rigging department work closely with the Assets and Animation departments to develop rigs which meet the specific requirements of our VFX pipeline.

This position is open to remote candidates.


  • Create and maintain scripted facial rigs according to the requirements of downstream departments
  • Prototype, implement and refine skeletal rigs for humanoid, creature, and mechanical assets
  • Support rigs through production and troubleshoot rig issues as they arise
  • Collect artistic feedback from end users and fine tune rig behaviour accordingly
  • Receive and act upon creative and technical feedback from department and project supervisors
  • Become a proficient user and contributor of the extensive internal rigging tool set
  • Create tools to support animation workflow and rig interaction
  •  Work within the established pipeline and adhere to rigging department standards
  • Work to and meet production delivery deadlines
  • Benchmark and optimise rigs for peak performance and quality

Job requirements

  • Strong knowledge of facial anatomy and FACS (or equivalent) based facial rigging
  • Ability to sculpt accurate high resolution face shapes and corrective body shapes
  • Relevant facial rigging experience (Maya preferred)
  • A passion for creating believable CG characters and the requisite attention to detail
  • Advanced Python (or Mel) scripting and the ability to adhere to established coding conventions
  • Experience with full scripted modular/functional rigging
  • Analytical, technical, and artistic skills. Creativity and visual problem solving
  • Effective communication and time management skills
  • The ability to clearly explain technical concepts and write technical documentation
  • Knowledge of anatomy for bipeds and quadrupeds, skeletons, and muscles
  • A good understanding of IK, constraints, and deformers. How they work and their limitation

In addition, experience of any of the following is highly desirable:

  • Life drawing or organic modelling especially human anatomy
  • Basic knowledge of character and creature centric dynamics (Cloth, Muscle, Hair)
  • Strong mathematical knowledge and intuition, especially matrix and geometric concepts
  • High level knowledge of Maya deformers, and profiling rigs for maximum performance
  • C, C++, and Maya API programming experience
  • Experience working with motion capture and motion retargeting

If this sounds like a fit, we'd love to hear from you! 

Framestore is proud to employ extraordinary talent across all genders, races, nationalities, religions, ages, abilities and sexual preferences. We aim to encourage and support all of our current and future employees to achieve their potential. No job applicant will receive less favourable treatment on any basis when applying for a career with us.