Paint & Roto Artist - Visualisation

  • Pre-Production Services
  • London, United Kingdom

Paint & Roto Artist - Visualisation

Job description

We are looking for Paint and Roto/ Prep Artists to work within our Pre-Production Services division, working alongside other key artists on a show-specific capacity. 
  • Creating roto mattes for Compositors to use and having a comprehensive understanding of how these mattes will be used
  • Using patches and frame-by-frame painting techniques to remove rigs and tracking markers
  • De-graining and re-graining paint work before it leaves the department
  • Having an understanding of 3D tracking and being able to create 1, 2 and 4 point tracks
  • Creating foreground mattes for Animators to use within Maya
  • Using Linux to navigate around and create shot directories
  • Creating and reconstructing a picture that doesn't exist
  • Using expressions within Nuke to help aid paint work
  • Having an understanding of the 3D environment within Nuke, being able to use geodata to project clean plates and understanding how to use UV projections
  • Being able to accurately bid on how long paint and roto shots will take to complete
  • Learning and developing specific Framestore gizmos and workflows
  • Completing basic composites in Nuke and demonstrating keying, grading, re-timing and screen insertion skills
  • Demonstrating a willingness to learn new techniques and software and to sharing this knowledge with other artists in the department

Job requirements

Essential Skills:
  • Must have at least 12 months experiece in a Paint & Roto position
  • Traditional art and design skills including a knowledge of composition and colour
  • Previous use of Nuke
  • Prior knowledge of a Linux based operating system
  • An understanding of motion blur and how it affects mattes and patches
  • Prior use of a roto-scoping package, ideally Silhouette
  • A desire to learn new techniques and teach fellow artists
  • An Arts or Science degree in a moving picture or art related subject
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • Team-working abilities
  • The ability to take criticism and feedback
  • Good problem solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively with other artists
Desirable Skills:
  • Prior experience in a Paint and Roto role
  • 3D Maya interface experience
  • An understanding of Python scripting and how to use this to create and edit Framestore gizmos
  • Planar and point tracking software experience
  • A general understanding of the VFX production and comp workflows
  • A knowledge of photography and practical lighting
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