Render Wrangler

  • Technology
  • Montreal, Canada

Render Wrangler

Job description

The Render Support department monitors and manages the physical render farm cluster and the software which the render farm runs ensuring high availability of resources 24/7. The Render Support team also support the Data Operations department with providing out of hours data support.

  • Monitor and report on render jobs for each show
  • Monitor, track and report render resource usage for each project
  • Balance multiple shows resource needs within the Company's physical capacity
  • Identify render errors and fix/escalate to the relevant department
  • Liaise with TDs regarding possible render optimisation
  • Assist with out of hours data operations requests
  • Monitor disk/data usage out of hours to ensure availability of disk resources

Job requirements

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Fundamental understanding of visual effects and computer graphics concepts and terminology
  • Familiarity with Linux
Desirable Skills:
  • Experience with Maya, Renderman, Nuke, Arnold or Houdini
  • Python or shell scripting experience

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