Visualisation Supervisor

  • Pre-Production Services
  • London, United Kingdom

Visualisation Supervisor

Job description

The Visualisation Supervisor is a multi-disciplinary creative supervisor, responsible for leading the creative direction of the development of live-action and computer generated films up to and beyond the shoot. They are the Pre-Production Divisions’ creative project lead and the key contact with the show's executives, director, VFX supervisor and producers.

On a project basis, they decide internal creative tasking on shots and conduct reviews of artists' work on an ongoing basis throughout the visualization process. They have sole responsibility for internal sign off on shots and client deliveries.

They decide the choice of technology and respective workflow to be deployed to solve a particular creative problem. This sees the VS work with technology, pipeline and production teams to design appropriate workflows which may utilise multiple softwares including but not limited to Maya, Unreal, Unity and Nuke. They work collaboratively with department heads to ensure there is a practical integration of traditional Maya based production and ‘Virtual Production’ when required.


    • Design and implement the creative direction of shots and sequences through the visualisation process.
    • Work closely with the client and key creative teams to ensure accuracy and timely delivery of the brief
    • Define the technological methodologies to deliver the creative brief
    • Provide management to artists on a project basis by providing creative guidance and regular feedback
    • Contribute to the bidding stage of a project by assessing shot requirements and sequence breakdowns
    • Work with the internal production team to define production schedules and key milestones
    • Work holistically with HoV, CD and R&D and pipeline leads to improve technological processes and workflows and the development of new digital tools
    • Ensure compliance with security and NDA legislations on a project basis

Job requirements

    • Extensive experience in visualization and visual effects for film / TV including recent supervision experience, studio-based and on location
    • Solid knowledge of creative previs / VFX / CG shot production and its iteration process
    • Experience in Nuke, Maya, Houdini, Renderman, Arnold & Motion Builder software
    • Experience of working to tight budgets and timelines
    • Strong creative and technical skills in 3D animation and competency in all other areas of 3D including modelling, texturing, lighting, FX and rendering
    • Extensive experience with blue/green screen compositing as well as the integration of 3D elements into plates
    • A thorough understanding of colour theory, film-backs, lens packages, rigs, lighting and grip equipment, colour space and look-up tables, film processing and DI processing.
    • Excellent creative leadership, written and verbal communication and theoretical problem-solving skill

You must be in the UK or Europe and have the right to work there for this role.

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