FX Technical Director

  • Film - Mumbai
  • Mumbai, Inde

FX Technical Director

Description de l'offre d'emploi

FX Technical Directors create a variety of natural and abstract phenomena for feature film effects.

FX artists will be expected to carry out the following responsibilities;

  • Create natural ( and unnatural) phenomena utilising simulations in particles, rigid-bodies, fluids, etc and other procedural or stochastic systems.

  • Implement pragmatic solutions for the creation of effects elements.

  • Facilitate look-development of fx elements using lighting, shading and compositing techniques to produce a final renderable image

  • Use Houdini and other proprietary FX tools to produce FX elements.

  • Work in partnership with other departments to ensure that the design and execution of setups and shots is delivered to the highest possible standard

  • Work independently and within the team to determine appropriate design solutions to create effects to cater for supervisors briefs

  • Submit shots for review and follow through with notes and feedback if required

  • Communicate to leads, supervisors and production staff regarding schedules and deadlines.

  • Respect schedules and deadlines while delivering FX elements to the highest possible standard

  • Strive to keep their skills current & up to date with new tools, software, and other related technology according to their discipline

Pré-requis du poste

Desirable Skills:

  • Shader writing skills

  • Lighting and Rendering skills

  • C++ code writing skills

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