Lead Digital Matte Painter

  • Film - Mumbai
  • Mumbai, Inde

Lead Digital Matte Painter

Description de l'offre d'emploi

Digital Matte Painters are responsible for painting photo real CG environments, elements and textures for matching into live action plates or to stand on their own as DMP plates. Digital matte paintings may also be used in a 3D environment and require a high level of technical skill and artistic judgement.

This is a cross-discipline role and requires abilities in modeling, layout, matte/texture painting, lighting, rendering and compositing, as well as a strong understanding of all facets of a CG production including colour theory and LUT.

A strong understanding and sympathy for real world materials and lighting is essential. DMP artists will work closely with the CG environment artists with a strong commitment to teamwork and technical level.

Lead DMP Artists will also be expected to;

  • Manage a small team of artists on a show

  • Set the standard of DMP in your team, always demonstrating an expertise of DMP skills, producing quality work, ensuring consistency in your team’s output

  • Have a good understanding of the shots your team will be creating matte paintings for and how they work in shot context

  • Establish workflow templates, methods of matte painting & provide documentation for other artists on the team where necessary

  • Ensure that department tools are available for your team and properly set up for the show

  • Have a good understanding of the key shots on a show, and where necessary take artistic responsibility for producing matte paintings

  • Have a good understanding of all matte paintings on show and able to advise artists on the creative and/or technical approach to tasks

  • Assign appropriate tasks to Senior, Mid and Junior team members, showing a strong understanding of their abilities and strengths

  • Act as the key contact for production and supervisors, ensuring clear communication, dealing with creative challenges, solutions and adapting to changes in production & scheduling

  • Work with line producers & coordinators to ensure that artists schedules are kept up to date and that their output satisfies production goal

  • Maintain good relations with all other departments and address any issues promptly

  • Attend dailies and represent the work of your team

  • Train, share knowledge and assume responsibility for the progression of more junior members of the team

  • Provide regular feedback to your artists and ensure quality control for the artists on the team

  • Set a high level of professionalism for the team, displaying maturity, calmness, integrity and positivity

  • Support recruitment for the department when required

Pré-requis du poste

Desirable Skills:

  • A traditional arts background with an emphasis on photo-realistic work and environments

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