Lead Lighting & Look Development

  • Film - Mumbai
  • Mumbai, Inde

Lead Lighting & Look Development

Description de l'offre d'emploi

Lighting Technical Directors are responsible for the final 3D scene assembly, lighting and rendering of elements required to complete visual effects shots for high-end photo-realistic VFX projects.

Leads will be expected to carry out the following tasks:

  • Work across all aspects of lighting and rendering throughout the show, from lookdev, to sequence setup to final shot delivery

  • Work with Production and Supervision to plan and schedule the lookdev and lighting work for the show and work with HOD and DM to plan crewing

  • Attend department dailies, asset dailies and shot dailies to see the show through to final delivery and support the team

  • Assign tasks to team and support team throughout

  • Mentor Junior artists

  • Work with HOD to improve lighting workflow and tools in conjunction with leads from other shows and sites

  • Work with the HOD and render department to innovate new lighting/shader techniques

  • Work with other departments to progress look-development of assets, (including fast presentation of concepting work).

  • Work with other departments to achieve best results for an asset or shot

  • Assist the team in clarifying supervisor or client comments, and help the team present the work in the clearest manner possible

  • Oversee and maintain lighting and lookdev nuke comps for consistent submissions on the show

  • Maintain positive morale of the Lighting team on the project.

  • Report any specific show issues that affect lighting to HOD and DM.

  • Oversee Sequence and Shot lighting, in order to maintain consistency and time-saving efficiencies.

  • Provide technical support for complex shots, highlighting in advance and then supporting shot-artists during delivery.

  • Help Advise CG Supervisors and Production on farm management.

  • Keep an overview of render times and aim for improvements to use of farm resources.

Pré-requis du poste

Essential Skills:

  • Experience in look development using physically plausible shading techniques and ray tracing

  • A strong knowledge of lighting techniques and photography

  • A strong knowledge of Nuke or similar compositing package

  • Good knowledge of other disciplines within VFX

  • Excellent organisation, communication and interpersonal skills

  • Creative problem solving and attention to detail

  • Able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines while maintaining high quality results

  • Able to work successfully as part of a team as well as independently

  • Previous experience mentoring or leading a team

  • Reliable, with good time keeping and the ability to meet deadlines

  • Flexible and adaptable with the ability to work within a pre-set workflow or pipeline but also have the creativity and problem solving skills to work around issues

  • A thorough knowledge of Maya

  • Extensive knowledge of either Renderman, Arnold or similar production renderer

  • A good understanding of colour-space

  • Knowledge of Python and/or Mel scripting

  • A strong understanding of Linux/Unix based operating systems

  • Experience working with effects elements and volume rendering

  • Team Managing experience in a large scale set up


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