Visualisation Asset Builder

  • Pre-Production Services
  • London, Royaume-Uni

Visualisation Asset Builder

Description de l'offre d'emploi

The Asset Builder is a specialist 3D artist, capable of modelling, texturing, shading 3D characters, objects, props and environments which are optimised for real-time workflow in Maya and Unreal. Key to the role is the ability to work at high speed and in an efficient manner, creating assets which are appropriate for the pre-production process as opposed to the final VFX.

The Asset Builder works under the supervision of the Asset Lead or the Visualisation Supervisor and must be able to take artistic direction in order to deliver on brief and on time. They should have a strong sense of design, composition and art direction and possess initiative. Experience of low-polygon modelling is essential and a working knowledge of real-time OpenGL techniques for lighting and FX is a plus.

Required professional skills:

  • Build, Texture, and light models quickly and efficiently.
  • Understanding of best practices for polygon and texture budgets to deliver optimised performance.
  • Good knowledge of topological considerations when modelling for deformation.
  • Basic Rigging understanding
  • Have a strong sense of design, composition and lighting
  • Be able to successfully take and interpret creative direction.
  • Adaptable and accepting of creative change throughout a project
  • Knowledge of cinematic language and technical terminology
  • Transfer and/or create lower-resolution models from higher resolution models.
  • Good working knowledge of Unreal’s material system

Pré-requis du poste

Software knowledge:

  • Autodesk Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Unreal Engine
  • ZBrush
  • Substance painter
  • Autodesk Motion Builder (a plus)
  • Mudbox (a plus)

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