Assets Supervisor - Pre-Production

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  • London, United Kingdom

Assets Supervisor - Pre-Production

Job description

*The suitable candidate must be located in the UK and open to hybrid working from home and in the office

The Assets Supervisor is an experienced 3D lead artist who is capable of modelling, texturing and shading 3D characters, objects, props and environments which are optimised for real-time workflow in Maya and Unreal. They are experienced in working at high-speed and with great efficiency, creating assets which are appropriate for the pre-production process. They are versatile in their modelling range and equally skilled in modelling characters, creatures and environmental and hard surfaced objects.

The Assets Supervisor is responsible for the artistic and technical quality of all 3D models created by the assets team. They work closely with teams in pipeline, realtime, rigging, texturing and supervision to ensure that all 3D models are optimised.

The Assets Supervisor oversees the Asset Builders on each FPS show and works with the Assets Lead Artists to organise, plan and implement the asset build on a show basis.

They are responsible for improving the quality and technical standards of assets across all FPS shows, the documentation of tools and workflows, training material, recruitment and mentoring of artists and oversight of the asset libraries.


  • Creation of an Asset Wiki and providing an overview of the pipeline and its conventions, available tools, workflow considerations for best previs and postvis, realtime and virtual production practices. Creation of video tutorials to cover tools and workflows.
  • Inform improvements to the pipeline. Track asset related issues across shows to collate, prioritise and report to pipeline TDs, Head of Visualisation & MD where necessary.
  • Continually audit the asset workflow to determine missing tools and assess productivity, ease of use and the potential for refinement for both previs and real time work. Work with the Asset Leads to define the key time saving tools to inform gains in productivity.
  • Keep up to date with emerging technologies and software for both realtime vfx and pre production and how this can be used to improve productivity and quality.
  • Oversee the curation of asset libraries, texture & shader resources. Manage the visual quality and readiness of assets to ensure all models and rigs are set up to be previs or realtime compliant and maintain the highest possible standard throughout previs and real time asset libraries. Collect and process non franchise specific assets for ingestion into the asset library.
  • Upkeep of accurate asset team skills matrix and lead all departmental appraisal.
  • Review potential artist reels and CVs. Work with the recruitment team to build relationships with universities, schools and attend graduation events in order to bring the best emerging talent into the business. Create the curriculum for an FPS asset builder internship programme.

Job requirements

Required Skills:

  • Expert CG modelling, texturing and lighting skills.
  • Strong organizational and communication skills.
  • Understanding of best practices to deliver optimised performance.
  • Expert knowledge of topological considerations when modelling for deformation.
  • Strong rigging understanding
  • Strong sense of design, composition and lighting
  • Adaptable and accepting of creative change throughout a project
  • Knowledge of cinematic language and technical terminology
  • Ability to transfer and/or create lower resolution models from higher resolution models.

Software knowledge:

  • Maya
  • Photoshop
  • Unreal Engine
  • ZBrush
  • Substance painter

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