CG Generalist (Postvis)

  • Pre-Production Services
  • London, United Kingdom

CG Generalist (Postvis)

Job description

Postvis Artists combine CG elements with production photography to validate footage, provide placeholder visual effects and to refine visual effects design to support and help inform the editorial process. They work under the creative direction of the Visualization Supervisor to composite shots using CG previs elements and live-action photographic plates. The Postvis Artist is comfortable taking direction and working as part of a team. They have a strong knowledge of film production, 3D tracking software, camera film backs, compositing, rotomation, animation, effects and lighting.

Required professional skills:

  • Character animation (timing and performance)
  • Strong sense of animation and lighting
  • Camera animation
  • Knowledge of cinematic language and technical  terminology 
  • Able to work with motion and/or performance capture data
  • Able to take and interpret creative direction
  • Adaptable and accepting of creative change throughout a project


  • Animate creatures, props, and vehicles.
  • Create shot sequences from various reference materials including concept art and storyboards.
  • Ability to incorporate effects such as motion blur, depth of field and atmospherics
  • Mocap animation cleanup.
  • Work at a consistently high cadence to deliver shots of quality

Preferred software skills:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • PFTrack
  • Maya!

Job requirements