Creative Director - Design

  • Advertising
  • Chicago, United States

Creative Director - Design

Job description

Framestore's Design Studio is a multi-talented team of directors, designers and artists creating beautiful images for all platforms. They are highly adaptable and can work across all stages of a project from conception and storyboarding to production, art direction, direction, motion graphics and visual effects.

The Creative Director, Design (CD) is involved in the creative and technical leadership of projects at Framestore across all areas of the business. Our CDs need to have an entrepreneurial spirit, superior client handling skills, be accustomed to ideation of concepts through the entire pitch cycle, and have a passion for producing the most stunning and technically advanced visual work there is.

Our CDs need to be great collaborators who can partner with Supervisors and Directors across each division of the company from Framestore Pictures, to traditional VFX, as well as Immersive experiences, helping to ensure a strong design POV is consistently represented across all projects and divisions of the company. The CDs also play a significant role both internally and externally across our Integrated Advertising offices, and must be charismatic and effective drivers of Framestore's creative achievements, as well as inspiring leaders for our artist and production teams

This is a full-time staff role with benefits, and although we are currently working remotely, this position will eventually require working onsite in our Chicago studio.  

  • Creative Direction of specific Animation, Design, and VFX/Immersive projects with heavy Design components, taking on the responsibility for the project partnering with a producer, including client communication and managing the internal creative + artist team
  • Taking a significant role in the entire project pitch cycle, from initial client brief, ideation, pitching and securing work across all areas of the business
  • Working closely with the client(s) to ensure that their vision is met, constantly improving on client's ideas

  • Working with the artist team, developing tools, methodologies and workflows ensuring best possible practice and delivery of highest quality images as possible

  • Working with the producer on project management, providing feedback on production schedules, crewing and working with the teams to deliver projects on time and budget

  • Taking active responsibility for the quantity and quality of work we win

  • On the box work as needed on style frames, concepts, setting overall look of pitches / projects.

  • Providing creative advice and involvement in challenging projects that require additional management support.

  • Taking some responsibility for the profitability of projects and contributing in any way possible to help with any creative and technical decisions that may affect this

  • Providing feedback for artist and production reviews, and support for their lead when conducting staff reviews

  • Be a known face for Framestore, taking part in speeches, conferences and client functions representing Framestore

Job requirements

  • 10+ years experience in VFX or Design and Motion Graphics for film and commercials, including recent supervision experience
  • Being able to multitask and run multiple projects and teams. To ensure that each project is running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Superior client management skills.

  • A portfolio of your own creative work, including directing experience, if applicable.

  • Passion and a broad knowledge of the VFX, Design / Motion Graphics industry with an eye for future developments and challenges.

  • Demonstrated excellent leadership skills across all levels, strong communication and problem solving skills.

  • A solid knowledge of VFX/CG/Design shot production and its iteration process

  • Strong creative and technical eye for photo-realistic CG animation and knowledge in all other areas of CG including modelling, texturing, lighting, FX and rendering.

  • Ability to remain calm and confident in a fast-paced environment whilst juggling multiple projects

  • Ability to work within and inspire a team and also under own initiative

  • Excellent communication skills at all levels, both on a technical and creative basis

  • Strong time management & organization skills

  • Experience with staff management including hiring, reviews and providing consistent and constructive feedback

  • A genuine passion for sales and desire to attract the best projects and clients to the business

  • Must have valid US work authorization

Framestore is proud to employ extraordinary talent across all genders, races, nationalities, religions, ages, abilities and sexual preferences. We aim to encourage and support all of our current and future employees to achieve their potential. No job applicant will receive less favourable treatment on any basis when applying for a career with us.