Junior Flame Artist

  • Advertising
  • Los Angeles, United States

Junior Flame Artist

Job description

The Junior Flame Artist works closely with a Flame artist and their clients across a variety of high-end commercial advertising projects. The role requires on the job training, learning the basics of operating the kit and general client handling skills.

The Junior Flame Artist will support the Flame Artist in the completion of jobs - ranging from conforming and prepping material, to slating and audio retracking, to basic compositing clean-up shotwork, to final slating, delivery, and archiving of projects.

This is a full-time staff role with benefits, and although we are currently working remotely, this position will eventually require working onsite in our Culver City studio.

  • Working closely with Data Services and Production in the preparation of material for Flame Artists. This may include titles generation and placement, and dealing with artwork supplied by clients

  • Conforming edits including manipulating EDLs, understanding time-warps, dissolves, wipes etc.

  • Slating and audio retracking

  • QC’ing and Mastering projects - this may include titles/legals compositing, audio relaying, tech checking and a variety of masters being generated in different resolutions and frame rates

  • Assist in finding any extra material that might be needed - FX elements etc.

  • Organize and maintain a project or brand specific asset library; including exporting logos, fonts, and graphics

  • The regular archiving of projects across the Flame machines, always ensuring the Flame machines do not run out of space in collaboration with Data Services and Production

Job requirements

  • A high attention to detail

  • An understanding of the production/post production process

  • Some Flame experience or comparable support experience on a professional compositing package (ie. Nuke or After Effects)

  • A willingness and desire to learn, which may encompass Nuke and Hiero or other Autodesk tools

  • A strong team ethic, and willingness to collaborate creatively in order to achieve the best results

  • The ability to work under the pressure of the commercials environment

  • An uncompromising commitment to uphold the highest standards possible, in support of the Framestore global reputation

  • An understanding and commitment to providing superior service to commercials clients, both from a technical and creative point of view

  • Must be highly organized and have the ability to juggle several jobs at once in a highly efficient manner

  • Very strong interpersonal and communication skills with both clients and staff at all levels

  • A self starter, who is proactive in seeking out tasks to help the Producers and Flame Artists

  • Must have valid US work authorization

Desired Skills:

  • Some proficiency on Photoshop would be a benefit

  • Some experience with digital cameras would be an additional plus

Framestore is proud to employ extraordinary talent across all genders, races, nationalities, religions, ages, abilities and sexual preferences. We aim to encourage and support all of our current and future employees to achieve their potential. No job applicant will receive less favourable treatment on any basis when applying for a career with us.