Layout Artist - Advertising, episodic TV & Immersive VR

  • Advertising, Episodic, & Immersive
  • London, United Kingdom

Layout Artist - Advertising, episodic TV & Immersive VR

Job description

The Framestore London team are looking for mid level Layout artists to join our team working across Advertising, Episodic TV and Immersive. 

The Layout Artist is responsible for CG camera animation using cinematography principles, shot composition and character blocking to pre-visualize shots before the beginning of animation and allowing up stream CG departments to use as the foundation for shot construction.

  • Camera/assets staging/blocking
  • Overseeing Previs and Postvis ingestion
  • Setup and maintenance of Conforms
  • Restaging of cameras and assets when needed
  • Shot content maintenance for animation
  • Overseeing Motion Capture Ingestion/distribution

Job requirements

Essential Skills:
  • Strong Maya knowledge with excellent problem solving skills and a solid understanding of the visual effects pipeline
  • Good attention to detail and a proactive approach to identifying and resolving issues in order to maintain continuity within the sequence
  • Strong demonstrable experience in sequence and shot composition
  • Good working knowledge of cinematography in a virtual environment
  • Previous experience of scene layout to match previs or storyboard reference (preferred)
  • Excellent understanding of practical cameras and camera techniques
  • Previous experience in camera tracking and animation blocking is advantageous
  • Excellent technical problem solving skills - Basic mel and python scripting is ideal but not required
  • Ability to work under pressure on potentially short turn around times
  • Ability to take direction and feedback well from a supervisor
  • Organisation skills and able to create tidy scenes for use in the rest of the pipeline
  • Tracking and MatchMove experience in 3DEqualizer is beneficial