Lead Surfacing Artist - Feature Animation

  • Feature Animation
  • London, United Kingdom

Lead Surfacing Artist - Feature Animation

Job description

Surfacing Artists are responsible for the creation of a diverse range of texture maps and materials required for computer-generated characters and sets used in animated feature production. Surfacing Artists work closely with Modellers, Look-Development and Environment Artists to create the world of the movie.

Job requirements

A Lead Surfacing Artist will be expected to take on the following responsibilities:

  • Manage a team of artists on a show, including specifying team assignments.

  • Set the standard of surfacing and material design in your team, always demonstrating an expert level of surfacing skills, producing quality work, ensuring consistency in your team’s output.

  • Assign appropriate tasks to Senior, Mid and Junior team members, showing a strong understanding of their abilities and strengths.

  • Have a good understanding of the assets your team will be Surfacing and how they work in shot context and any potential creative or technical challenges.

  • Where necessary take responsibility for producing surfacing tasks on the hero to smaller assets.

  • Establish workflow templates, methods of texturing & provide documentation for other artists on the team where necessary.

  • Ensure that department tools are available for your team and properly set up for the show.

  • Advise HOD of any advances made on a project for integration into other shows.

  • Act as the key contact for production and supervisors, ensuring clear communication, dealing with creative challenges, solutions and adapting to changes in production & scheduling.

  • Maintain good relations with all other departments and address any issues promptly.

  • Attend dailies and present the work of your team, guide artists on how to present work.

  • Train, share knowledge and assume responsibility for the progression of more junior members of the team.

  • Provide regular feedback to your artists and ensure quality control for the artists on the team.

  • Set a high level of professionalism for the team, displaying maturity, calmness, integrity and positivity.

  • Ensure the show wiki is relevant and up to date especially after wrapping.

Desirable Skills:

  • Traditional arts background

  • Previous high-level animated feature experience

  • Modelling or look-dev experience

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