• Film
  • Montreal, Canada


Job description

Trackers/Matchmovers are responsible for creating CG cameras and other motion files that adopt the same movements as the original background plate. They may also be responsible for modeling geometry in the background plate to allow reconstruction of the static surroundings. This enables the live action to seamlessly interact with the CG elements. The motion files created (camera, object or body track) are then passed down to other departments via the VFX pipeline.

  • Creating motion files, including a camera and/or the object, that match the original background plate photography
  • Geometric reconstruction of important static objects in the scene
  • Reconstructing the placement of motion files (camera or object track) in the 3D set in order to quality control the accuracy of each track
  • Collaborating with other departments as required to ensure that the CG elements are seamlessly incorporated into the shot
  • Rendering wireframes of the scene geometry to be rendered and composited over the original plate to help judge the accuracy of each track
  • Work well in a team environment and take direction from the Lead and Production team

Job requirements

Essential Skills:

  • An educational background in Computer Graphics, Animation or another related course
  • A strong understanding of the basic principles of computer graphics
  • Basic knowledge in Maya, Linux and a compositing package
  • Good communication and team working skills
  • The ability to efficiently meet deadlines
  • A good understanding of photography and the effects of different lenses on perspective

Desirable Skills:
  • Mel and/or Python scripting skills
  • Native stereo experience
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