Rigging TD - Film & Episodic (Expression of Interest)

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  • London, United Kingdom

Rigging TD - Film & Episodic (Expression of Interest)

Job description

Please note that this job advert is for an expression of interest only and not an active job vacancy.

Rigging Technical Directors are responsible for designing, creating and maintaining highly accurate and efficient rigs for high end visual effects films. Riggers work closely with Modellers and Animators to develop and refine rigs that meet the specific requirements of a VFX pipeline.


  • Create fully scripted rigs and refine them according to animation and lighting needs

  • Prototype, implement and refine puppet (skeleton), body (deformer and muscle based) or mechanical rigs

  • Troubleshoot and fix rig issues, collect artistic feedback and fine tune rig behaviour

  • Become a proficient user and contributor of the extensive rigging tool-set

  • Create tools to help animation workflow and rig interaction

  • Work within the pipeline and rigging standards

  • Meet delivery deadlines under production constraints

Job requirements

Essential Skills:

  • Maya rigging experience (full body/facial)

  • A passion for creating believable CG characters and the requisite attention to detail

  • Python or Mel scripting and the ability to follow strict coding standards

  • Analytical and artistic skills, creativity and visual problem solving

  • Team work, communication and time management skills

  • The ability to write technical documentation and present your work (wiki, screen cap etc.)

  • Basic knowledge of anatomy for bipeds and quadrupeds, skeletons and muscles

  • A good understanding of constraints and deformers, how they work and their limitations

Desirable Skills:

  • Facial anatomy, realistic eye and mouth rigs, Facs breakdown

  • Life drawing or organic modelling

  • Basic knowledge of dynamics (Maya Hair, nCloth, nParticle etc.)

  • Strong maths background, especially matrix maths and geometry algorithms are a plus

  • C or C++ programming Maya plugins are a plus

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