Senior FX TD - Advertising, Episodic & Immersive

  • Advertising, Episodic, & Immersive
  • London, United Kingdom

Senior FX TD - Advertising, Episodic & Immersive

Job description

The London team is looking for talented Senior Houdini FX Technical Directors. We're looking for artists to join us for a number of shows across Advertising, Episodic, Immersive and Specialist projects. We're a team focussed on projects which allow more input creatively and technically. We like artists to be involved in set ups and development work when they feel ready in order to take more ownership over what they're doing. 

There's variety in what we do both in the type of show but also the type of FX work. We utilise Houdini across multiple areas of the pipeline including FX, CFX, look dev, lighting and procedural modelling so there is a lot of broader knowledge in the wider team. 

  • Creating particle, rigid-body, fluid, cloth, fur and/or hair simulations or animations
  • Applying lighting and shaders to produce the final rendered image or passing the simulation on to a Lighting Technical Director
  • Using a variety of commercial and proprietary FX tools including Houdini & Maya
  • Working in partnership with other departments to ensure that shots are delivered to the highest possible standard
  • Working within the team to determine the various design solutions needed to create the effects
  • Designing and creating images, elements, effects, pipelines, tools and techniques
  • Helping to design solutions involving a more procedural approach in order to create the effects required
  • Producing reviewable composites of all FX elements for a shot. Sometimes FX TDs will be expected to produce final renders too

Job requirements

Essential Skills:
  • An excellent knowledge of Houdini
  • A thorough understanding of the techniques and technologies relating to FX simulation and procedural animation
  • Previous experience producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions in addition to simulation techniques for rigid-bodies, cloth and hair
  • A good understanding of animation and an eye for motion
  • A working knowledge of Mantra or HtoA
  • A good understanding of the entire visual effects process
  • A familiarity with pipeline issues, especially working between multiple packages
  • A working knowledge of at least one compositing application (preferably Nuke) and a solid understanding of the compositing process
  • Strong Vex, hscript, python and/or Mel scripting skills

Desirable Skills:
  • Knowledge in other simulation packages
  • Knowledge of the Houdini HDK
  • Experience with other render packages
  • Experience working on long-form or commercials projects