Technical Animator - Engine

  • Realtime
  • London, United Kingdom

Technical Animator - Engine

Job description

Framestore is a world leader in visual effects and animation across Film, TV, Commercials and Immersive. Having won multiple industry awards for our work, Framestore is now looking to bring the same level of excellence to our real-time Engine capabilities.

If you are an experienced Animator with knowledge of UE4, or perhaps a Technical Artist with a background in animation; this would be the ideal role for you.

Working day to day with the Technical Artists whilst maintaining a close collaboration with the divisional Animation and Rigging teams, Technical Animators will work towards bringing the level of finesse seen in our Film & TV work, to Engine projects. The role will involve Technical Animation as well as creating and supporting tools used on a daily basis by team members across the division.

The Technical Animator needs to be an excellent collaborator, with a broad base of artistic and technical knowledge, excited about creating compelling experiences in Engine, such as XR, Real-time Animation or Virtual Production.


  • Implement animation systems in Engine
  • Develop tools in collaboration with Pipeline & Rigging that will allow Animators to leverage their skills in Engine
  • Troubleshoot and solve animation issues with all departments; real-time, animation, rigging & pipeline
  • Optimise work to stay within the technical restraints while maintaining artistic vision
  • Develop and maintain clear documentation
  • Maintain a relationship with the Technical Animation team for Film

Job requirements

Required Skills

  • A good understanding of Unreal, including rig authoring, real-time performance constraints and asset animation
  • A background in animation with experience of rigging and animation pipelines
  • Experience with animation blueprints
  • Experience with engine state machines
  • Evidence of a strong understanding in Python
  • An understanding of the content creation pipeline in Unreal and/or VFX
  • Knowledge of animation features of modern game engines
  • Basic knowledge of anatomy for bipeds and quadrupeds, skeletons and muscles
  • A good understanding of constraints and deformers, how they work and their limitations
  • An understanding of physical motion, weight, balance, texture and form
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good work organisation and structure

Desirable Skills

  • Working knowledge of c++
  • Experience with performance capture: rig hookups, offset rigs, re-targeting etc.
  • Experience with implementing FACS
  • Experience creating content for XR
  • Experience animating different character/asset types for games or interactive projects