Visual Development Artist

  • Film
  • Montreal, Canada

Visual Development Artist

Job description

The Visual Development Artist helps to reduce the number of iterations in more expensive departments in the Film division by producing effective images that will help to answer creative questions on asset designs and builds (characters, props, vehicles, environments, fx) or help to define shot moods. The images should be generated from the available elements for that shot/asset (renders, models, etc...) when possible, in the aim of accelerating the incorporation of the creative notes into the actual asset/shot builds.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Working closely with the supervisors to provide photorealistic images using both 2D and 3D processes and helping to answer creative and technical questions during asset/shot development
  • Helping supervisors sell their vision for a shot/asset to clients by coming up with original designs and good visual references
  • Working on tight deadlines with frequent outputs when necessary
  • Working to get approvals on looks quickly to give time for the downstream departments to achieve these looks through proper builds
  • Working closely with other departments and HODs to make sure they can incorporate in the full builds everything they can from the visual development process

Job requirements

Experience and essential skills:

  • Extensive visual background
  • Good experience in film VFX 3D processes
  • Knowledge of a 3D software (Blender, c4d, Maya, Houdini etc), compositing software and real time render engine (Octane, Unreal, Redshift etc). We are mainly using Blender as our main 3D software
  • Previous experience in illustration/2D/architecture/product design
  • Excellent knowledge of shortcuts available to create powerful visuals under pressure and short turn around times
  • Ability to translate supervisors and client needs/briefs into visuals in an efficient manner
  • Good attention to detail and a proactive approach to identify and resolve visual issues in order to maintain quality and logic within the outputs
  • Knowledge of a wide variety of software (to update frequently to keep up)
  • Strong demonstrable experience in frame/shot composition
  • Good working knowledge of cinematography in a virtual environment
  • Ability to take direction and feedback from a supervisor
  • Able to create organised scripts/scenes/2D documents
  • Previous experience in film/animation- production/pipeline
Desirable skills:
  • Good understanding of practical cameras
  • Digital Matte Painting experience is a plus
  • Modeling/Texturing/Lighting/Comp basics
  • At ease with creating various kinds of work: environments, creatures, weapons, fx, architecture
  • Working knowledge in the following fields a plus: geology, anatomy, industrial design, physics, architecture
  • Highest creative traits

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