Paint and Roto Artist - Advertising, Episodic & Immersive

  • Advertising, Episodic, & Immersive
  • London, United Kingdom

Paint and Roto Artist - Advertising, Episodic & Immersive

Job description

Framestore are looking for a dynamic Paint and Roto artist to work across our Advertising, Episodic and Immersive London team. Paint and Roto Artists work closely with Compositors to help them integrate all elements of an image, including CG and live action, to create visual effects shots. This includes creating mattes for CG hold-outs as well as using various techniques and software to remove items such as wires, rigs and tracking markers. This role will initially be working on a high profile Episodic show. 

  • Creating roto mattes for Compositors to use and having a comprehensive understanding of how these mattes will be used
  • Using patches and frame-by-frame painting techniques to remove rigs and tracking markers
  • De-graining and re-graining paint work before it leaves the department
  • Having an understanding of 3D tracking and being able to create 1, 2 and 4 point tracks
  • Creating foreground mattes for Animators to use within Maya
  • Using Linux to navigate around and create shot directories
  • Creating and reconstructing a picture that doesn't exist
  • Using expressions within Nuke to help aid paint work
  • Having an understanding of the 3D environment within Nuke, being able to use geo data to project clean plates and understanding how to use UV projections
  • Being able to accurately bid on how long paint and roto shots will take to complete
  • Learning and developing specific Framestore gizmos and workflows
  • Completing basic composites in Nuke and demonstrating keying, grading, re-timing and screen insertion skills
  • Demonstrating a willingness to learn new techniques and software and to sharing this knowledge with other artists in the department

Job requirements

  • Traditional art and design skills including a knowledge of composition and colour
  • Previous use of Nuke
  • An understanding of motion blur and how it affects mattes and patches
  • Prior use of a roto-scoping package, ideally Silhouette
  • A desire to learn new techniques and teach fellow artists
  • Excellent organisational and communication skills
  • The ability to take feedback constructively 
  • Good problem solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively with other artists
Desirable Skills:
  • Prior experience in a Paint and Roto role
  • Prior knowledge of a Linux based operating system
  • 3D Maya interface experience
  • An understanding of Python scripting and how to use this to create and edit Framestore gizmos
  • Planar and point tracking software experience
  • A general understanding of the VFX production and comp workflows
  • A knowledge of photography and practical lighting