Facilities Coordinator

  • Support - Mumbai

Facilities Coordinator

Job description

Responsible for assisting the Facilities team with the day to day running of the Mumbai studio, with specific responsibility for providing hands-on assistance on general maintenance, building and equipment supervision and all other aspects of administration associated with running and delivering first class Facilities services.



  • Assist the General Manager, Operations in arranging for regular maintenance of equipment and internal systems (e.g. cooling system, alarms, security Cameras, Electrical installations, telephones)

  • Check rooms and furniture to identify needs for repairs or renovations

  • Restock office and kitchen supplies

  • Design and oversee the schedule for cleaning and disinfecting the office premises

  • Coordinate office and parking space allocation

  • Conduct market research and compare costs and benefits when evaluating new vendors

  • Research new services and appliances to facilitate operations

  • Assist the General Manager, Operations in ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations

  • Ensures that the facility is clean and maintained according to company policy and procedures.

  • Any other tasks as directed by the General Manager, Operations

Job requirements

Skills required:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Work experience as a Facilities Coordinator or similar role for 3-5 years

  • Strong knowledge of facilities management operations

  • Familiarity with office equipment and security systems

  • Hands on experience with facilities management software is a plus

  • Understanding of safety regulations in offices

  • Well-organized

  • Sound judgement and the ability to think quickly during emergencies

  • BSc/BA in facility management, engineering, business administration or relevant field

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